I have never ever thought that I will go somewhere outside the Europe  – but I DID! The destination was – Thailand.I cannot describe in words how awesome was this trip, how many  exciting adventures I had, unforgettable moments and best memories ever ! I will certainly go back there one day or perhaps soon ! To follow by I am going to write about 5 different islands,how to get there,things to do & etc… so keep reading !


This island is one of my favourites ! We’ve been there only for one day but it was enough to see how gorgeous this island is ! There are many things to do start with the marvelous beaches & finish with unforgettable night life . We came here by a speed boat it took us  roughly an hour . We were with the group so time was bit limited , I would recommend to rent a boat or a yacht and explore island by yourself , you will certainly save the  money& see more! However even with the group , we had fun , we were snorkelling  , swimming ,tasting traditional Thai food – it was more than perfect ..


2. Phuket

This is the main island where we were staying. It is actually large island , has many admirable beaches & places to stay. In Phuket there is one popular place to go called – Bangla Street in Patong, there you can find food & clothes markets, street food is delicious you have to try it ,exclusively fruits , they are so fresh literally they gonna melt in your mouth …. Also there you can find some pretty restaurants if you are not big fan of street food, many travel agencies where you can get extremely cheap deals if you are good negotiator !! By the way I have not mentioned that before wherever you go in Thailand you have to go negotiate , unless the prices are set, but  in most of the places they are not, so use your skills and get the best price. So in general Phuket is lovely island , if you like a night life stay in Patong , if not then Kata or Karon .

3. Similan Island

With no doubts this is the best , the most wonderful island EVER!! Clear blue water, stunning landscape , sun & sand what else do we need ?

This island is popular because of the beautiful diving areas, spectacular coral reefs & variation of sea animals .

Besides this island  have changed my life completely , this might sounds weird but it is true. It was valentine day, when me and my boyfriend were exploring this island & we were snorkeling when it happened – we were under the water & my boyfriend was on his knee with the ring. Yes, that was unexpected & more than perfect. Well, I said YES. Of course . 🙂

So you seen my Top 3 islands where I will certainly go back ! If you are first time traveller you must to visit them for sure ! If you would like some advices feel free , ask me 🙂 I hope you enjoyed reading !


With Love,

Headupgorgeous xx


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