Hello Gorgeous !

I am so happy to share this with you ! I bought my first designer shoes with 50 % discount !! I know it sounds unreal but I was looking for Bridal shoes (Yes,I am getting married soon) and accidentally I found these beauties on Selfridges website – discounted, I just had to get them !

These beauties came wrapped up in the luxury paper , also with a dusty bag. Why I chose them ? Why not a simple black leather ones? Well, I am pretty sure it is obvious.. because of the glitter .. I am obsessed with it ! Also you can wear them either with the dress or jeans , they look too good anyways ! Well I have to learn how to walk properly with them as they are quite high 120mm. However they are absolutely comfortable as they have a platform , my feet feels secure in them ! 

I am certainly delighted with this purchase ! I was dreaming about them & I got them! So gorgeous follow your dreams , think about it & get it !


With love,

Headupgorgeous xx


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