Things TO DO on Valentine’s day

For me Valentine’s Day means a lot as I got engaged on this day a year ago , so it is a special Day for me ! However I think that you have to show and spread your Love all over the year, not only on this Day, and not only for one person , don’t forget your family , let them know how big is your love for them!

Since we have this celebration let’s celebrate it properly ! Whether you are single or coupled. Perhaps I am getting old (well apparently I am !) but I would rather stay at home and spend time with my Fiancee then go out to an expensive restaurant, but again it is your choice !


  • If you are not seeing your partner as often as you want , I would offer to  take a short break outside the city with him, surprise him ! Sometimes we need to take a step and show then initiative ! Get a 2 nights break in a lovely Spa with breakfast and dinner , in a small town , during the day explore unknown city with your love, only you two ! Or if you not a fan of Spa , just find a cosy hotel in small town & relax , forget all the problems, enjoy that time together ! I found some good deals for you !

  • Valentine’s Day Deal

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  • Valentine’s Day Deal



  • If you have a limited budget and you prefer to stay at home , it is not a problem at all ! As you can surprise him either way !

  •  Start with breakfast , made with Love, heart shaped pancakes  recipe is here , don’t forget to decorate them nicely .. and add a cup of hot chocolate on the side, don’t count calories at this day, just enjoy 🙂

  • For the afternoon you can pick some movies related with Valentine’s Day , grab some popcorns and enjoy !

  • And finally the evening!!! Have a appetising dinner , followed by glass of red vine or prosecco and finished with … use your imagination !


If you have unlimited budget , take a weekend break or a week or even longer, and fly away- far away ! Yes , grab your suitcase , pack summer clothes, get the tickets and run away from the cold weather ! There are many destinations to go such as Thailand , where I spent my last Valentine’s Day & got engaged,  or Phillipines  or Indonesia these three are on my TOP 3 list !



I hope it was useful for you , and you will pick any of my suggestions , or will find your way ! Don’t forget to show your love all over the year !






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