Eat healthy doesn’t mean to starve,eat the same range of products everyday,count your calories or avoid carbs and fats.Healthy food should make you happier and healthier, not opposite.


Back in a days when I was ±14-15 yrs/old , I wanted to become a model as it was really trendy to be one.I was size 6 then but it wasn’t enough for the agency,so I was starving for days to loose those couple of inches from waist and hips, just to be chosen.My parents didn’t know what was happening , as I was hiding everything from them.However, after a couple of weeks or even a months I was still ”too fat ” for them and I said to myself that’s it ,it’s enough, I won’t gonna to torture myself anymore, is not worth it. After all I had some consequences of course ,such as problems with eating,I gain much more weight and I had really serious problems with my stomach.

So the lesson I’ve learned is – diet helps to loose weight quicker than anything, it ruins your health and body as after you stop dieting weight comes back double as it was before.

To me, being healthy means , staying connected! Listening to my body needs,being happier and healthier!

If my body says I need sugar,I give sugar; if it says I need more carbs , I give carbs, it’s easy you need to know your body! You need to love your body! Love yourself <3


10 Easy steps to become healthier:

  1. Say no to alcohol and cigarettes , it’s your biggest enemy !
  2. Say no to fizzy drinks or hello cellulite 🙂
  3. Say no to white bread,white pasta ,white rise- choose brown option!
  4. Say yes to vegetables and fruits-remember fruits are really sugary,so know your limits!
  5. Say yes to steamed and grilled food, try to avoid fried food!
  6. Say no to pastries or whatever made from flour, otherwise you will become a pastry 🙂
  7. Eat at least 4 times a day,smaller portions!
  8. Eat more carbs in the morning-to get energy;more proteins in the evening-to maintain your muscles!
  9. Sleep well, at least 8 hours.
  10. Exercise regularly , less cardio more weights , build a muscle first!

It’s a beginning for a better life! Believe in yourself,never give up !!!


With love,






  1. Jasmin N
    28/10/2017 / 7:45 PM

    These are great tips! Alcohol surely is the worst, all the carbs and calories.

  2. 28/10/2017 / 10:17 PM

    I totally agree about eating healthy being not about diets. I try and eat wholesome meals most of the time and not follow any diet.

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